Add/Drop/Change Policy

The deadline to CHANGE Grading Options for courses in the School of Social Ecology is Friday of Week 2 by 5 p.m. Adds can be made via WebReg.

The deadline to ADD courses in the School of Social Ecology is Friday of Week 2 by 5 p.m. Adds can be made via WebReg.

DROPPING after the second week deadline is not permitted.  An exception to the above policies may only be requested for extreme, extenuating, and documented circumstances outside the student's control. Requests will not be considered if submitted for any of the following reasons:

*The student did not know the deadlines, did not understand the Add/Drop process, or forgot to drop or change grade option
*The course is not required to meet Major, School, or University requirements
*The student did not meet the proper prerequisites for the course
*The student is receiving a poor grade or is poorly performing in the course due to difficulties with the course material or is under a heavy course/work load
*The student used poor time management
*The student has work conflicts or is working too much on or off campus (without a supporting letter by a supervisor)

Submit an Enrollment Exception Request on Student Access. Review of Enrollment Exceptions take up to 3 to 5 days. No Enrollment Exception Requests may be submitted after Week 10.

Repeating Classes

If you receive a grade of C-, D+, D, D-, F, or NP in a class, you may repeat that course. Degree credit for repeated courses is given only once, but the grade assigned at each enrollment is permanently recorded.

In calculating your GPA, only the most recent grade is used for the first 16 units repeated. If a student repeats more than 16 units, GPA is based on all additional grades assigned. Confused? Talk to an academic counselor or a peer advisor in the Office of Student Services (102 Social Ecology I) about course repeats.

All classes that were originally taken for a letter grade must be repeated for a letter grade. Courses originally taken Pass/Not Pass may be repeated on a Pass/Not Pass basis or for a letter grade.

The UCI General Catalogue that pertains to the year you entered the university is your contract with UCI. You are responsible for the information contained in your catalogue. The General Catalogue also contains course descriptions and information on campus resources that can be very helpful. We encourage you to review the General Catalogue at