Course Scheduling

The School of Social Ecology's Student Services Office provides students with help in planning their quarterly schedule of classes as well as in planning a long-term program of study. We encourage you do speak with an academic counselor if you have questions about your current classes, if you need help planning classes for next quarter, or if you have any concerns about meeting graduation requirements. Stop by the Social Ecology Student Services Office (Social Ecology Building I, Room 102) during our walk-in counseling hours or call (949) 824-6861 to schedule an appointment.

In addition to the information available in the Student Services Office, the University maintains a wealth of information on registration and enrollment procedures. The current schedule of classes, enrollment procedures, class registration instructions, fee payment policies and procedures, add/drop policies, and information about course availability is readily accessible to students online. The following resources can be of assistance:

Schedule of Classes (WebSOC)
Web Registration System (WebREG)
Registrars Office

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are available via the UCI Catalogue. Check the online or printed version of the UCI General Catalogue for most course descriptions. The University's Breadth or General Education requirements are also outlined in the University's General Catalogue.

Sample Schedules

Have you ever wondered what a "typical" four-year plan might look like? Most sample schedules allow room for electives and provide students with choices among the University's Breadth or General Education Requirements. These programs should be followed only in consultation with an academic counselor. We encourage students to plan their schedule and then see an academic counselor in Social Ecology's Student Services Office. Stop by the Student Services Office (Social Ecology Building I, Room 102) or call (949) 824-6861 to schedule an appointment. Sample schedules are below.

4-year plan (for freshman students)

2-year plan (for transfer students)