FAQ's for Fall 2021

Click here for up-to-date information on the latest information pertaining to coronavirus at UCI. Click here for information from the Registrar's Office. Click here for information from the School of Social Ecology.

Frequently Asked Questions 
We will continue to update this page as we learn more from UCI leadership.

For an up-to-date list of FAQ's on Field Study, click here.

*Last updated September 8th at 9:30am*

Since UCI is going back to in person classes, will I be able to get in person advising?

  • As UCI returns to in person classes, you will notice that there are still some remote/virtual/online options. Social Ecology Undergraduate Advising will also return to in person advising and will continue to provide ZotChat and Zoom advising appointments on a regular basis. More details to follow! 

Help! I can't find housing.

  • Check out this webpage that UCI put together to help you find off campus housing

What if I get sick during Fall quarter and can't attend classes in person?

  • If you would like to request a reasonable accommodation related to the coronavirus or for any other reason to facilitate your participation in a course, please contact the UCI Disability Services Center (DSC).

    How to Contact DSC: 949-824-7974 or dsc@uci.edu.

    How to Request a Reasonable Accommodation: Students who want to request reasonable accommodations must register with DSC at the DSC Student Registration Page.

Can I take my School/Major Courses P/NP?

  • You CANNOT change School/Major courses to Pass/No Pass. If you do, they will NOT count towards your School/Major requirements. 
  • For Summer 2021, with the exception of Writing 37, 39A, and 39AP, the Academic Senate at UCI has ended adjustments to the existing undergraduate regulations on Pass/Not Pass grades (P/NP)
    • Grade mode can only be changed through Friday of Week 2 via WebReg. After that, you can request a grade mode change via enrollment exception through Friday of Week 10.
  • If you took a School/Major Course P/NP during Spring 2020, Summer 2020, or Fall 2020:
    • If you haven't had your DegreeWorks updated after one quarter, please fill out this form. We appreciate your patience as we are manually updating each one of your records.

Will I still get to speak with an academic advisor? How will services change?

  • Yes! We are here for you! We have UPGRADED our services to meet your needs in light of these changes. We adapted our advising services to protect you, while continuing to provide you with high quality acadmic advising. You can now get academic advice through: chat, zoom, phone appointments, or email- see below for details. In other words, we've got you.

How can I meet with a counselor?

  • Our physical office will remain closed through Summer 2021. We will be re-opening our doors in Fall 2021 and continue to offer ZotChat and Zoom appointments.
  • Instead of in person same-day appointments, we have set up Zot Chat! Click the link for our hours and how to access Zot Chat. This is a live chat session with a Social Ecology Undergraduate Advisor. If an advisor isn't available to chat right away, you may be asked to try again later. 
  • If you have a scheduled appointment, you will be contacted at your UCI email in order to set up a Virtual Meeting with a counselor via Zoom
    • You do not have to download anything in order to join a Virtual Meeting via Zoom. You can join the Zoom Virtual Meeting via the URL in the email you will receive from our office prior to your appointment. Make sure to monitor your UCI email!
  • When you are booking an advanced appointment with a counselor, you will be asked to provide your phone number. In addition to your phone number, you have the opportunity to indicate if you want to make it a phone appointment.                                        

If I select Phone Appointment will you call me or do I call the office?

  • You will receive an email with information on how to connect with your counselor at the time of your appointment. Make sure to monitor your UCI email!

Can you answer my questions via email?

  • We will do our best! Please email sepeer@uci.edu with your questions. If we are unable to help via email, we will provide you with the link to book an appointment with a counselor.

What does this mean for Field Study?

Will I need a parking permit?

Since some courses are remote and don't have classroom capacity, you can help me enroll beyond the course max right?

  • Course maximums are set due to classroom restrictions but they are also set with faculty and TA capacity in mind. A faculty member can only grade so many assignments and work with so many students per quarter depending on their course load and research. We will NOT be exceeding course maximums.

What if I don't have WiFi?

  • Here is a directory of free WiFi hotspots.
  • Here is the OIT link that will continually update free and discounted broadband options.

What do I do if I have transcripts or a UC IGETC to send in from another institution?

  • Your institution may send UCI Undergraduate Admissions your transcript or UC IGETC electronically through Parchment or eScrip. We are unable to accept screenshots of transcripts or UC IGETCs or emails sent to our office with these documents – they must go through UCI Undergraduate Admissions. Please contact your institution's Registrar’s office for more information about how to send these electronically.
    • Freshmen, see here.
    • Transfers, see here
  • If your institution does not send electronic documents, please have them mail your paper documents to the following address:

    Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    C/O: North Campus Distribution Services
    19182 Jamboree Road
    Irvine, CA 92612

    Allow 10-14 days for them to receive your paper documents. You will also need to fill out the Continuing Student Update Form in order for your units to properly post to your record. 


We understand that all of this uncertainty can be very overwhelming. We will do the best we can to work with you to alleviate your concerns about your academics. Your health should be your number one priority. Take care of yourself and visit the Student Health and Wellness Center if you feel ill. For more information on how to manage stress related to the COVID-19 outbreak, please click here. Do not hesitate to reach out to Counseling Services if you would like more support.