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TA Assignment List

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TA Notification Letter (50% assignment)



TA Employment Documents

QUESTIONS? Contact your Graduate Coordinator or the Director of Graduate Student Services


Electronic Enrollment Environment

EEE is UCI's Course Management System. Using EEE ToolBox Faculty and Teaching Assistants can manage course websites, post interim grades, retrieve enrollmentsend informationa and out an introductory email to your class, receive mid-quarter feedback and much more, see the EEE Instructors Overview for more information.



A Scantron iNSIGHT 4 ES is available in room 244A and is accessible by using your computer lab key. TAs are generally assigned a key, if you were not assigned a key please contact your department staff.

TA Office Room Reservations

Teaching Assistant office hours and meetings can be scheduled in SBS 4101 by contact Toni Browning, toni14@uci.edu, with the following information:

    Reservation Date(s)
    Purpose of the meeting