Course Waiver

Petition to waive a course taken at another College/University

INSTRUCTIONS: Use this petition for submitting course waivers for coursework taken at another college (community college) or university (four-year institution) or study abroad. You may use it for lower division or upper division courses pertaining to GE or major requirements in CLS, Urban Studies, PSB or SE (general). Fill out the form below and submit the information. Once you receive the confirmation page, print out the form and obtain the necessary signatures. Attach a syllabus (not just course description) or any information you wish to have evaluated to the form. If you are petitioning to waive SocEcol 195, Field Study the following documentation is required (course syllabus, course assignments, and documentation of hours  -copies of paystubs, time cards, etc) Submit the form and supporting documentation to the  Social Ecology Student Services, SE 1 room 102. You will receive notification of the status of this petition via email to your UCI email address. ONE FORM PER CLASS.

If you selected other, which major?
I. Course to be Waived
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II. EAP/IOP Course
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