General Petition

INSTRUCTIONS:  General petitions may be submitted to request a review of UCI's residency requirement, general education substitutions, minor requirements and similar actions.   DO NOT USE this petition for courses that you wish to take via study abroad.  Study abroad courses need to be submitted via the COURSE WAIVER petition page.   If you wish to waive a course due to other similar course work that has not been articulated via ASSIST.ORG, submit a Course Waiver Petition.  If you wish to update your degree audit based on courses articulated and noted on ASSIST.ORG, please send an email to  For other petitions such as 199 for upper division credit or SocEcol H190 or 195C for upperdivision credit, return to the petitions page.  IF you have questions, please contact the SE Student Services Office at 949-824-6861.

We will send you notification of the status of this petition via email to your UCI email address.

Full Name
Briefly, what are you petitioning?
In a clear and concise manner, please explain the circumstances of this request. Include course numbers/titles when listing courses and course numbers/faculty names when listing research.