The School of Social Ecology is NOT accepting Second Baccalaureate applicants for any of the majors within the school at this time.

To find a list of majors open for Second Baccalaureate applicants, please visit:


Students wanting to declare a major, change a major, add additional majors, or drop a major must submit a change of major application online through Student Access.  Students may submit a change of major application AFTER they have completed all pre-requisites. Grades must be posted for any pre-requisite courses before a change of major application will be reviewed. If grades are not posted, the change of major application will be denied.  The student may submit a new application once they have completed the pre-requisites.

Before submitting an application for a change of major within the School of Social Ecology, you must have completed the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement (formerly Subject A) (pre lower-division writing) requirement in addition to the pre-requisites for each major, which can be found below:


**Please Note:  The Psychology and Social Behavior Department is in the process of changing the requirements to enter the PSB major.  Until these changes officially take effect, in addition to the current requirements (overall 2.0 and 2.8 in Psy Beh 11ABC) PSB would like to offer an alternative set of requirements to students who do not meet the current change of major requirements.   Students who earn a 2.5 overall and a 2.5 average in Psy Beh 11ABC will now be admitted into the major.  The current requirements still stand (2.0 overall and 2.8 in Psy Beh 11ABC).  If you have met the current or alternative requirements, please submit an electronic change of major through Student Access so that it can be processed.  (8/16/2011)

Students with 120 units or more must also meet the following requirements to change or add a major:

  • Good Academic Standing in requested major. (Cumulative, School and Major GPAs are 2.0 or above).
  • Time to degree is reasonable:












Standing at Admission

Total* number of quarters at UCI - from quarter of entry to certification of degree













*Summer session attendance does not count toward total number of quarters.

Please Note: Completion of the change of major requirements does not guarantee acceptance into any major within the School of Social Ecology or the College of Health Sciences. Students enrolled in the Social Ecology (General) major do not have any advantage over other students applying to one of the departmental majors. Courses that satisfy major change requirements must be completed at the time the application is submitted.

For more information on the departments within the School of Social Ecology, consult the following websites: