About Us

The Office of Student Services in the School of Social Ecology has a committed team of professional staff and peer academic advisors dedicated to helping our undergraduate students achieve academic and personal success. We are student-centered, responsive to student needs and concerns, and solution-focused. We invite you to meet with us to discuss course scheduling, career planning, graduate and professional school preparation, transition/adjustment issues, academic policies and procedures, among many other topics. We look forward to serving you during your undergraduate career at UC Irvine.

Undergraduate Student Services

Alejandra Garibay
Academic Counselor

Deisy Escobedo
Academic Counselor
Maria Spangenberg
Academic Counselor
Danielle Primavera, M.S.
Director, Undergraduate
Student Services
Ashley Vikander
Field Study Programs

Geoffrey Murry
Academic Counselor

Widad Diab
Operations Analyst

Tamara Manson
Field Study Coordinator




Peer Academic Advisors

Charlene Dinh

Jennifer Fisher

Collin Gomez

Abigail Llanos

Cristina Marin

Jake Ortiz

Zahra Sultan

Nadia Wang


Student Administrative Assistants

Mariama Abellera

Enmanuel Gallardo

Sonia Patino

Kimberly Menendez

Lisett Leon

Social Ecology Interns

Teresa Gaspar

ACE Intern

Jeanny Luu

Special Programs Intern

Hillary Phan

Field Study Intern

Kristin Guzman

Field Study Intern


Graduate Student Services

Jennifer Craig Welti
Director, Graduate Student Services
(949) 824-5918

Irice Castro
Assistant Director
(949) 824-1874

Other Graduate Staff Contacts
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