Undergraduate Advising Readmission

The readmission process is for students who have been disqualified from UC Irvine and/or for students who have not attended UC Irvine for more than 1 quarter. Please carefully review the criteria below and once eligible, submit the readmission application. 

Meet readmission criteria (see next section).
Submit Readmission Application online by deadline. Applications submitted after the deadline are subject to evaluation on a case-by-case deadline. Applications submitted after the deadline may result in limited course availability. Please be sure to check the email you provide in the application. A counselor will follow up with you regarding the status of your application within five business days.
If you have taken any courses outside of UC Irvine while you have been away from our institution, submit the official transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
After your readmission has been processed, you will be required to pay a $70 readmission fee
Submit Statement of Legal Residence if you have been away from UC Irvine for over a year.
Enroll into courses.
In order to readmit into the School of Social Ecology, students need to demonstrate that they will be able to succeed academically.
Students must achieve good academic standing and have a 2.0 GPA in the following three areas:

a) Overall UCI GPA
b) Upper Division Major GPA (all upper division courses are applied to school and major requirements in DegreeWorks)
c) School GPA (all Social Ecology school and major requirements)

You must also be able to meet normal progress and graduate in a timely basis. For students who enter UCI in Fall 2011 or later, a maximum of 216 units is permitted after their 12th quarter of study at UCI. (Academic Senate Regulation 386. Credit Hour Unit Limit (Undergraduate))

If your Overall GPA is below 2.0:
You may take courses at UCI through UCI Concurrent Enrollment or Summer Session. You may also take courses at any University of California campus. You must enroll in these courses for a letter grade.
If your Upper Division Major and/or School GPA is below 2.0:  
To raise GPAs in your major and or school, take the appropriate courses (i.e. Upper Division courses in your major or school courses, respectively) through UCI Concurrent Enrollment or Summer Session. Enroll in these courses for a letter grade.
Meet the readmission criteria listed above and do the following:
Review the change of major requirements for your intended major.
Courses needed to meet the change of major criteria may be taken at UCI or the equivalent courses may be taken at a community college.
NOTE: Courses completed at community college WILL NOT count towards your UCI GPA.  
To find equivalent courses, visit www.assist.org.
If you are unsure, you may verify these courses by emailing SEpeer@uci.edu.
Submit Readmission Application.

If you do not meet the criteria listed above and have any additional questions, you may schedule an appointment with an academic counselor to discuss your options.



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