2017-2018 Degree Requirements

The School of Social Ecology offers either a general interdisciplinary degree in Social Ecology or a more focused experience through degree programs in Criminology, Law and Society; Psychology and Social Behavior, and Urban Studies. Major requirements for each degree program are described below:

Minor Requirements

Minors offered in the School of Social Ecology include:

A minor consists of a coordinated set of courses (seven or more), which together take a student well beyond the introductory level in an academic area, yet not sufficient to constitute a major. All minors are available to students regardless of their major with the exception that students may not minor in the same topic as their major. Minors are listed on a student's final transcript but are not on the baccalaureate diploma.

For certification in a minor, a student must obtain a minimum overall GPA of at least a 2.0 in all courses required for the minor program. No more than two courses applied to a minor may be taken Pass/Not Pass.

Sample Program Pathways 2015-2016

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