Degree Verification Information

Request for Verification of Degree

You may request a degree verification letter regarding completion of degree requirements or verification letter that states you are enrolled in the coursework required to complete your degree, if REQUIRED by your employer or graduate school before the certification deadline. This is only available to undergraduate majors in the School of Social Ecology who have completed their degree requirements, but have not had their degree posted to their official transcript.
If you have questions about when your diploma will be processed, be sure to visit this page. Other questions about diplomas should be directed to the University Registrar.
Your request must be sent from your UCI e-mail account.
Before submitting your request, please first check to see when degrees post to transcripts here

Two-step process:

1. Email your certifying counselor

Last name begins with:

A-F: Lisardy Velasco (
G-L: Josh Miller (
M-R: Yvonne Vo (
S-Z: Alejandra Garibay (

In your e-mail, be sure to include the following information:

-UCI student ID number
-Anticipated graduation term (i.e., Fall 2019, Winter 2020, Spring 2020, Summer 2020)
-Name of potential employer or graduate school contact person to whom we may share the information
-Reason for degree verification


2. Your employer or graduate school admissions counselor must also e-mail your certifying counselor

-Their name

-Your name and ID

-That a degree verification letter is required and the certificate date that corresponds with the quarter in which you are certified is too late for their timeline (see link above to find this date - you, the student, should provide this date to them). 


Verification letters will only be provided if these two steps are completed.  Allow up to seven business days for processing.