Program Overview


What is the SE Honors Program?

It is a three-quarter long course sequence for Social Ecology seniors who are conducting thesis projects. Enrollment is by invitation and available to students with faculty support. Each student will work individually with a faculty mentor on the particulars of the student's research and all students will come together in the Honors Seminar to address common issues regarding research design, execution, and presentation.

What type of activities do students in the program engage in?

The specific activities for the seminar will vary from year to year. Typically, students spend the Fall quarter setting the foundation for their research project. Each student completes a literature review and, in the seminar, discusses such topics as computer-based literature search methods, human subjects review procedures, and proposals for research funding. In the Winter quarter, students spend more time with their individual mentors on data collection and analysis. The seminar meets on fewer occasions, and provides workshops detailing how to run computer statistical packages, prepare PowerPoint presentations, and create home pages for internet sites. The Spring quarter focuses on finishing the research project, presenting at the UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium (sponsored by UROP) in May, and summarizing the project in written thesis form.

Should I participate in the SE Honors Program?

The University of California system is geared towards the creation of new research, as well as expanding existing research.  All UC professors engage in their own scholarship and encourage UC students to work under their guidance to conduct their own research projects. The SE Honors Program provides a special opportunity for our students to work closely with faculty within their major and to collaborate with a small cohort throughout their senior year. Participating in this program will help students apply the materials that they have studied in texts and during lectures into original research projects. This experience can greatly increase a student's chances of successfully being admitted into a Ph.D. program and provide a platform for students to hone their scholarly, professional and personal relationships. 

How do I apply for the SE Honors Program?

Social Ecology majors meeting the following requirements are eligible to apply for the Social Ecology Honors Program in the spring quarter of their junior year:  

  1. All lower-division Social Ecology courses required for the major are completed.
  2. Have a 3.5 GPA or better in at least 5 upper-division major courses.
  3. Have an overall UCI GPA of at least 3.2.


Applications for the 2019 - 2020 academic year are currently being accepted.

To access the application:

Click Here 

(Application Deadline June 30, 2019 at 11:59pm)

For full consideration, please ensure that all required documents are uploaded with your application.


Archive of past participants and their theses:

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