Undergraduate Forms

Field Study Course Enrollment Form

The Field Study Course Enrollment Form is completed by students during the quarter BEFORE they enroll in Field Study. The Field Study Course Enrollment Form specifies the exact placement site where the student will do field work and provides a brief description of the student's field responsibilities and goals. See "FIELD STUDY" for specific deadlines and prerequisites. Complete the fields on the form and click on the "Submit" button.

Application for Graduation

Use this form to submit an electronic Graduation Application. The form will be processed and submitted to the Registrar's Office. Complete ALL the information on the form and click on the "Submit" button. You will be notified via e-mail if any additional information is necessary. Final Degree Checks will be mailed to you prior to the registration period for the quarter you applied for certification.

Degree Verification Request Form

Use this form to request a Degree Verification Letter. This form is only to be used by students whose degrees are not yet posted to their transcripts, AND who are required to submit proof of their degree completion to a potential employer or graduate school. Complete the fields on the form, then copy and paste completed form to an e-mail. Send this e-mail to appropriate counselor at the e-mail address indicated on the form. Please allow five to seven business days for processing.

Request for Prerequisite Clearance

Use this form if you have met the prerequisites for a course at another institution or through AP scores. This form cannot be used to request authorization for a course that is already full, is restricted to school or majors only (ex. L-major only, N-school major only), is restricted to upper-division students only, and will not provide you with an authorization code (restrictions B or X).