Enrollment Tips

It’s enrollment time again! Here are some friendly reminders as you prepare to enroll in classes for the upcoming quarter:

  • The Schedule of classes comes out Week 6. Start reviewing your remaining requirements on Degree Works and start planning your schedule early. Be sure you have a back-up plan.
  • Check your enrollment date/time in WebReg so you enroll at the appropriate time. Enrollment windows for Winter 2018 viewable on Nov 13 http://www.reg.uci.edu/enrollment/windows.html
  • Prior to enrolling in courses reference the UCI General Catalogue to see if the classes you want require any prerequisites http://catalogue.uci.edu/ .  
  • You are eligible to repeat a UCI course if you earned a C- or lower. Please note: If you completed courses outside UCI please do NOT enroll in similar courses here at UCI as they might be considered an Unauthorized Repeat.
  • If you try to enroll in a class, and are blocked due to prerequisite clearance, AND you know you completed the prerequisite (either at UCI or a community college) fill out the prerequisite clearance request form at: http://students.soceco.uci.edu/petitionsforms.  Once it is verified that you did indeed complete the appropriate prerequisite you will be cleared to enroll in your class.
  • All students are capped at 18 units during the initial period of enrollment. WebSOC takes into consideration the courses you’re fully enrolled in as well as the classes in which you are wait-listed. The enrollment limit restriction will lift on Sept 1 at noon. When this restriction is lifted you will be able to enroll in up to 20 units.
    • If you wish to enroll in more than 20 units you will need to submit a petition available at http://students.soceco.uci.edu/petitionsforms. Make sure you meet the criteria specified on the form before you submit it. This petition will only be available when the 18 unit restriction is lifted on Sept 1
  • Remember, in order to ensure that majors are able to enroll in classes they need to fulfill degree requirements all majors are restricted until  Sept 20 at noon. On Sept 20 at noon major restrictions will be lifted within the School of Social Ecology and you’ll be able to enroll in courses for other departments within Social Ecology provided space is available.
  • Other Schools may lift major restrictions on different dates/times. If you’re planning to enroll in courses offered in other Schools, be sure to check the Schedule of Classes to see when their major restrictions are lifted.
  • The fee payment deadline is as follows:
    Fall: Sep 15 Winter: Dec 15 Spring: Mar 15
    Be sure to pay your fees on time or you WILL be dropped from your classes.
  • If you are planning to complete your SocEcol 195 Field Study requirement during Winter 2018 or Spring 2018 please begin planning now. Visit the Field Study website for instructions and workshop announcements: http://fieldstudy.soceco.uci.edu/

Questions about degree requirements, graduation, life? Visit Social Ecology Student Services located in SE I Room 112:

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