What Should I Focus on This Year?

Click HERE for a downloadable checklist!

First Year Freshman

Second Year Sophomore 

  • Finalize your academic major and make progress on school/major requirements
  • Take SE 10 and complete GE courses
  • Network with professors and get involved with research
  • Research study abroad, internships, and UCDC
  • Visit the Division of Career Pathways to explore career options and determine if graduate school is required
  • Join clubs and organizations

Third Year Junior

Fourth Year Senior + Beyond

  • Complete degree requirements
  • Complete Field Study
  • Apply for graduation!
  • Engage in research opportunities
  • Gain experience in your field of interest
  • Take graduate school exams and submit applications
  • Update resume and take it to the Division of Career Pathways for review
  • Solidify career goals and start applying for jobs