Please select from the links below to access the form you need. We encourage you to read the directions and description of each form in its entirety to ensure that you're completing the right form. If you have any questions, please contact Social Ecology Undergraduate Affairs

Online Petitions Online Forms
Request to Enroll in MORE than 20 Units

Submit to request to enroll in more than 20 units.

*Processing time: 2-3 business days after 18-unit restriction lifts.*

Field Study Forms & Applications

See Field Study website for details and deadlines.

Course Waiver Petition

Request to use alternative coursework towards degree requirements.

*Processing time: 6-8 weeks.*

Application for Graduation

For submitting your graduation application.

Request to Use SOCECOL 199 for Upper-Division Major Credit

Use this form to petition a Social Ecology 199 (Special Studies) course towards upper-division major credit.

Degree Verification Request Process

Request verification that you have completed degree requirements. Only for students whose degree has not yet posted to transcript.

*Processing time: 5-7 business days*

Request to Use SOCECOL H190 or SE 195C for Upper-Division Major Credit

Use this form to petition H190 (Honors Research in Social Ecology) or 195C towards upper-division major credit.


Petition to use a course towards Upper-Division Writing

Submit this form with the following: 1) instructor’s electronic signature or instructor’s email confirmation, 2) course syllabus, 3) all of the major writing assignments for this course, including some evidence of substantial revision based upon instructor feedback, and 4) transcripts for completion of the lower-division writing requirement. Submit scanned copies electronically to

DegreeWorks Update Form

Request to add/drop a minor, move classes around between majors/minors, update courses with transfer credit, or anything else you see on DegreeWorks that may not be quite right. 

Student Referral

*For Faculty Use Only

Description of each form can be found here.